General Forms

Vacant House Form

After completing your form you may Email to: or Fax to: 732-920-3586

What is needed for an Initial Firearm Application

  • Initial Firearm Applications are NOT available online
  • You must pick up an application at Brick Township Police Department Records

located at :  401 Chambers Bridge Road, Brick, NJ 08723

  • Prior to returning a completed initial application you must be fingerprinted

                                     ****No Exceptions****

  • The following fees must be paid upon returning the application:

$5.00 for initial application /  $2.00 per Handgun Permit Requested

(Cash or Personal Check made payable to Brick Township Police Department)

  • Applications will only be accepted Monday thru Friday; 9am to 4pm; holidays excluded            

What is needed for Change of Address Application

  • Change of address form
  • Generic application instructions
  • Criminal History record form (follow instructions on form)
  • Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card/and or Handgun Purchase Permit
  • Consent for Mental Health Record Search

What is needed for a Handgun Permit Application

  • Handgun Permit Only form
  • Generic Applicant Instructions form
  • Criminal History Record Information form (follow instructions on form)
  • Applications for Firearms Purchaser identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit
  • Consent for Mental Health Records Search

For Retired Law Enforcement Officers

(Any Questions Please Call (732) 262-1136)

The New Jersey Self-Reporting Crash form (SR-1) is used to report a crash that was not investigated by the police and it is the only form that can be used for this purpose.

Click here to download the form.