Brick Township incorporated as a township in 1850.

NJSP performed rural patrol duties in the township up until early 1970 when population grew too big and NJSP said they would no longer provide police services.

The township rented a building on Brick Boulevard as headquarters.

On July 17, 1972 5 sergeants and 1 patrolman were hired to organize the department, Joseph Perna, Robert Forrester, Robert Santaniello, Anthony Sierchio, and Joseph DeAngelo. Thomas D’Ambola was the only patrolman. Their function was to set the organization for the department and prepare the department to take on the responsibilities of policing the town.

August 11, 1972 6 more officers were hired, Ronald Dougard, Brian Henfey, Robert Ryan, Michael Mullarkey, Robert Leduc and Philip Gonzalez..

The department was headed by a civilian Public Safety Director. The first one was H. Walter Dodwell.

In October 1973 ground broke for the new town hall police department located at 401 Chambers Bridge Rd.

1973 – Cedar Croft plane crash, 6 people were killed.

1974 – Robbins Rd shootout, 2 officers wounded.

1974 – Department starts the Traffic Safety Bureau.

1975 – PD moved from Brick Blvd to 401 Chambers Bridge Rd where the municipal offices and police department are still located.

1975 – The Director of Public Safety, H. Walter Dodwell was replaced by Eugene Halton.

The department steadily increased manpower throughout the rest of the 1970’s. By 1977 the department had 55 officers, which rose up to 61 officers by 1978.

May 1978 Officer Richard Harper #21 was killed in the line of duty.

1978 saw the first study of the department which was requested by then mayor John P. Kinnevy, which recommended hiring more officers and eliminating the director of public safety and replacing the position with a Chief of Police.

1979 – Director Halton was replaced by Acting Director Joseph DeAngelo

1980 – Joseph DeAngelo is made the Acting Chief

1981 – 5 officers indicted in Two Guys scandal. 3 were convicted and 2 were acquitted.

1981 – Joseph Anthony becomes the Director of Public Safety.

1982 – Tactical squad was formed which consisted of 12 men led by Lieutenant Robert Ryan.

1983 – The department changed its uniform from the taupe and green to the current French and navy blue. The departments patch was also changed at this time.

1984 – Joseph Anthony replaced by Anthony Shupin as Director of Public Safety.

1987 – The Dee Rose furniture shooting occurred.

1988 – Implementation of the K-9 Unit with Sgt. Philip Gonzalez and K-9 partner Sparky along with Ptl. Heidi Bergmann and K-9 partner Murphy.

1990 – The Public Safety Director position was eliminated and Lieutenant Ronald J. Dougard was promoted to the rank of Chief of Police. The first Chief of Police in the history of the department. Prior to this the most senior officer in the department was Inspector Joseph Perna.

1991 – The department switched their duty weapon from the 357 magnum to the Glock 20, 10mm.

1992 – The DARE Program was started in the middle schools.

1992 – 1993 racial tensions at Brick Memorial High School have police officers patrolling the halls of the school. Later that year the townships board of Education voted to remove the officers from the schools.

1993 – Department has first hiring of officers since the hiring freeze initiated in 1988.

1994 – NJ State sponsored a pension buy out which, in turn caused a lot of retirements within the department.

Under Chief Dougard’s leadership the department steadily increased manpower in the mid- nineties. Beginning with the pension buy out, the department hired regularly throughout the nineties.

1995 – Department hires 15 officers. It is the largest group the department ever hired together.

1997 – The Brick Township Police Department celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary with a celebration during National Night Out against crime at Windward Beach.

Also in 1997 the department and the townships Board of Education initiated the School Resource Officer program by assigning a juvenile detective in each of the townships two high schools.
Department’s manpower reaches 111 sworn officers.

1998 – Start of the Brick Township Police Camp for children interested in law enforcement. The camp was an introduction to police work and allowed children an opportunity to sample some of the training all officers attend.

1999 – Officer John Lesemann Jr. dies in the line of duty while attending the NJSP Municipal Academy at Sea Girt.

2001 – Brick PD sends officers to New York City to assist the NYPD in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

June 2002 the department started the townships first Marine bureau. The marine bureau is primarily responsible for patrolling the townships 6.2 square miles of inland waterways enforcing state and local ordinances to ensure the safety of those citizens enjoying the water.

June 2005 started the department’s first motorcycle unit. While the unit did start out as part of the patrol division, it soon morphed into a ceremonial unit.

2005 – Brick PD sends members of the Special Emergency Response Team down to New Orleans, Louisiana to assist in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

June 2006 started the townships first paid EMS squad, which is part of the public safety function of the police department.

December 2008 Chief Nils R. Bergquist #83 assumes command of the department after Chief Dougard retires after 36 years with the department. Captain Douglas Kinney is promoted to the departments newly created rank of Deputy Chief

February 2011 Deputy Chief Kinney retires after 31 years with the department. Captain James Riccio promoted to Deputy Chief.

August 2012 the department was assessed by the New Jersey Chiefs of Police Association for the purpose of achieving accreditation. Due to Superstorm Sandy the accreditation hearing and award were delayed and took place on February 14, 2013 and April 2, 2013 respectfully.

October 2012 Superstorm Sandy wreaks havoc and destruction on the beach front and the mainland coastal areas of the township.

2015 – Project Medicine Drop was implemented with the addition of a secured box at Police Headquarters to allow residents a safe means to dispose of unwanted drugs.

December 2015 Deputy Chief James Riccio assumed command of the department as Chief of Police as the result of Chief Nils R. Bergquist retiring after 35 years with the department.

Captain Robert Mazza assumes the position of Deputy Chief.