Capt J. ForresterBorn and raised in Brick

Graduated from Christian Brother Academy in 1997

Enlisted in the New Jersey Air National Guard and served Honorably for 6 years.

He was hired in 2002

As a patrolman he worked all three patrol shifts.

In 2006 Joseph was nominated for Patrolman of the Year. 

In 2007 he was promoted to Sgt. and was assigned to Operations where he supervised squads on all three patrol shifts.

In 2009 he was assigned to supervise the Selective Enforcement Team (SET)

In 2011 he was assigned to supervise the Drug Enforcement Unit

In 2015 he was promoted to Lt. and assigned back to Operations Division where he led as a Patrol Shift Commander

In 2018 he was transferred to the Community Policing Division where he managed the Traffic Safety Unit, our Emergency Medical Services personnel and our Community Policing Officers.

He was later assigned to the Administrative Services Division to help design and manage our newly formed Body Worn Camera Program.  

He has received numerous awards throughout his career including awards for meritorious service, honorable service, the grand cordon, a lifesaving award and multiple chief certificates.

He is a graduate from The College of NJ with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

Supervised by one Detective Lieutenant and staffed with 10 Detectives. The Detective Bureau is primarily responsible for conducting all follow-up investigation of reported crimes occurring within the Township of Brick. These crimes include but are not limited to: homicide, sexual related crimes, robbery, burglary, theft, and fraud. They are reviewed by the Detective Bureau supervisor and assigned to a detective for follow-up based on several solvability factors with priority given to more serious crimes. They are also tasked with crime analysis, surveillance in areas of criminal activity, the monitoring and maintenance of registered sex offenders (Megan’s Law), intelligence gathering, second hand goods database (pawn slips) as well as investigation of liquor licenses.

Comprised of one full time Juvenile Detective and two School Resource Officers. The juvenile detective handles investigations involving persons under the age of 18. The juvenile detective’s primary focus is rehabilitation.

The two school resource officers are assigned to the schools in accordance with the cooperative agreement with the Board of Education. One detective is assigned to each high school and the accompanying middle and elementary schools for each high school.

Consists of six Detectives and a Detective Sergeant. One of the Detectives is assigned to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Special Operations Group on an annual basis. The SCU primarily investigates vice crimes such as drugs and prostitution.

In addition, the detectives encourage the sharing of information with members of the public. Many investigations are initiated as well as solved through this type of cooperative effort. Detectives are typically available Monday through Friday 8:00am to 11:00pm and available as “on-call” status to respond at any other time.